Are You Next?

Greetings Future Finalist

Thank you for your interest in becoming a 2020 Bare Chest Calendar Man. For more than 35 years, Bare Chest Calendar Men have been a huge part of the San Francisco community. As a cool and dynamic fundraising project, we have raised over $2 million for PRC and its program AIDS Emergency Fund. Each year, Bay Area men compete for the opportunity to be on the Calendar. Once selected, Calendar Men agree to have their image and name appear on the Calendar. They participate in a photo shoot and do various short, fun interviews to include in the digital supplement to the Calendar.


What is the process for competing to be on the Bare Chest Calendar?

Finalists compete at one of several Prelim Contests between February and April, culminating at a pageant style Finals Contest on Saturday May 11, 2019.

Step 1: Review Orientation Packet

Step 2: Complete Application Survey

Step 3: Social Media Challenge

Step 4: Powerhouse Prelim Challenge

Step 5: Auction Challenge, 2nd Bar Appearance

Step 6: Finals Prep Meeting

Step 7: Finalist Interviews

Step 8: The Finals Contest on May 11


Important Dates For All Finalists

To be eligible to compete in the Finals contest on Saturday, May 11, 2019, the following dates are significant, but only the interview and photo shoot are truly mandatory. If you choose to compete, please mark these dates in your calendar.

Finals Prep Meeting: Saturday, April 13, 12:00–4:00pm

Finalist Preview Party: Saturday, May 4, TBD

Finals Interview 1: Thursday, May 9, 6:00–10:00pm; or
Finals Interview 2: Friday, May 10, 6:00–10:00pm

Finals Contest: Saturday, May 11, 12:00–7:00pm

First Team Meeting: Wednesday, May 15, 6:00–10:00pm

Photo Shoot: Between May 17 and May 31


Benefits of Being a Bare Chest Calendar Man

Many guys are looking for a sense of community and brotherhood as well as a way to “give back.” The Bare Chest Calendar is the perfect opportunity to do just that. From the start, you will engage the community and test your skills. If selected, you will join an amazing team of self-motivated men, attending events and creating a common bond among you. In addition to attending many local events like SF Pride, Up Your Alley and Folsom Street Fair, we take small excursions to Northern California destinations like San Jose and Sacramento, and even a jaunt down to Palm Springs. At the end of the journey, you will be transformed by the overwhelming sense of community, brotherhood, and philanthropy.


Our Beneficiary

PRC supports the most underserved members of our community that are affected by HIV/AIDS, substance use or mental health issues. In 2017 PRC was created from the merger of Positive Resource Center, AIDS Emergency Fund and Baker Places. The merger allows PRC to offer its clients the integrated services and support they need to reclaim their lives.


Are You Next?

Get StartedGet started today by sending an email to and we’ll send you the orientation packet. After you’ve completed your orientation survey, the contest coach will contact you by phone to provide you with answers to any questions you may have. Then you’re ready for your first challenge to becoming a 2020 Bare Chest Calendar Man.


Social Media Challenge

Upon completing the orientation survey, you will be asked to send a shirtless image of yourself. We will mask the image, add the BCC logo and post it to our Facebook page. Your challenge is to obtain 25 “likes” for your image on the Bare Chest Calendar Facebook page. Once achieved, you are a finalist and ready for your Prelim. In the event you do not have a social media presence, we will provide an offline alternative for you.


Powerhouse Preliminary Challenge

This challenge takes place from 7:30pm and 10:30PM at the Powerhouse Bar on Friday nights between February 8th and April 5th. The purpose of this challenge is to give finalists the chance to experience what it is like to perform some of the duties of a Calendar Man. It is also the first event at which finalists receive scores from the judges.


Auction Challenge, 2nd Bar Appearance

The purpose of this challenge is to provide finalists with more exposure and the opportunity to network with Team BCC. You will be provided with a sponsor T-shirt that will be auctioned off. The winning bidder will join you on stage and take off your shirt.


Finals Prep Meeting

Finalists are required to attend a Finals Preparation Meeting. This meeting is an opportunity to find out how to effectively compete as a Finalist. We will review the Finals scoring system, fundraising goals, and assign your finals interview date. We will also review the various sections of the contest itself. You will also make your final commitment to the events and meeting dates for Team 2020. Following the meeting, Finalists will attend a casual luncheon, providing a chance for you to get to know one other and ask additional questions.


Finals Contest

The Finals takes place Saturday afternoon, May 11, 2019, at the DNA Lounge, 375 Eleventh Street in SOMA. Finalists will compete and appear on stage, with the 12 (or more) Calendar Men and their months being announced at the end of the event.


Frequently asked questions


What is the Bare Chest Calendar?

A fun and dynamic fundraising project based in San Francisco. Since 1985, the Bare Chest Calendar has raised over $2 million for PRC and its program, AIDS Emergency Fund.


Am I eligible to compete?

If you live in the Bay Area, are 25 years or older and identify as male, then you are eligible to compete. Candidates of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and body type(s) are encouraged to compete. You need only to possess an interest and willingness to: appear on the Calendar, fundraise and promote BCC events.


Will I have to get on stage?

Yes. Part of the Contest includes an on-stage interview with the emcee. This allows the judges a chance to evaluate how you present yourself in a public situation as Calendar Men become spokespersons for PRC and MillerCoors/DBI Beverage, our Presenting Sponsor.


Do I have what it takes?

If you feel sexy shirtless and you are willing to have fun while raising much needed funds for those most in need, then yes you do.


What kind of commitment do I make if selected as a Calendar Man?

This year will consist of many events for Team 2020. However, each Calendar Man chooses his level of commitment. It’s less about how much you commit to, and more about keeping the commitments you do make.